Camp Hike


There they stand hand-in-hand
traveling to another land.
Not a one is in command,
but they walk together to explore.

Entering through nature’s door,
across the bridge’s mossy floor,
step-by-step they work, these four
together on their way.

Knowing soon there’ll come a day,
when they will go their separate ways,
but for now, and come what may,
they’re together hand-in-hand.


(C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2014


3 thoughts on “LIFE’S JOURNEY

  1. The Trail

    Faced with decision between friend or foe
    they pursue the trail that appears less trodden.
    Hand in hand they walk beyond
    (though on different sides of the line)
    the refuge the path provides.
    Into the great unknown
    determination on their faces shown.
    Solitary in their struggles
    but never alone.

    Chi Holder

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