WWojIt is always a pleasure to help promote and advance the creative process. It is a great thrill to be feted in the same way. This poetic world we share is an ongoing “mutual admiration society”.

In that, I was honored to be asked by my friend, Laurie Kolp, to be one of her selections in this virtual blog tour. The mission is to introduce gifted bloggers and their blogs and have them share the work behind their writing and creative processes. You can visit her tour post at Laurie Kolp Poetry


Laurie Kolp lives in Southeast Texas with her husband of 15 years, three kids and two dogs. She claims her native tongue is poetry. It must be true; she “speaks” it fluently. Laurie has recently had her first full-length poetry collection, Upon the Blue Couch(Winter Goose Publishing) , published in April .

Learn more at her website


1. What am I working on?
Currently, I am finishing the editing for my own first full length poetry collection. The theme lends itself to a series of books, but I’ll be happy to get this first one off the launch pad. My frantic pace to write poetry has given me much from which to choose, albeit driving me crazy at times. With several chapbooks under my belt, I figured it’s time I worked the “big tent” for a bit. Taking advice and encouragement from my poetic friends keeps me well in the loop.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure what “genre” I am ensconced in. I am also a lyricist, so that comes through. I have been told I write tender love poems and steamy passionate pieces. I have a skewed vision of my world and the humor of that comes to the fore as well. Satirist, journalist, you call me what you will. Read my words and you can decide how I differ. I suspect we never really do vary from each other.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

It’s this innate fear that if I do not create/ write/ release what I do, I will explode with nothing left than words strewn about my living room floor. My writing stemmed from my debilitating shyness as a young boy. I was very introverted. I was invisible. And expressing in words became the voice on paper that I wished I could vocalize freely. Even after beginning this process, I was reticent to let my poetry see the light of day. It’s a good guess I’ve stepped clear of that!

Poetry Reading at Pausa Art House Photo by Paula Sciuk (C) 2014
Poetry Reading at Pausa Art House
Photo by Paula Sciuk (C) 2014

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I have no set routine. The spirit of my muse grips me at strange moments sometimes. My belief is that inspiration is found wherever you look for it. I do have certain subjects that just flow freely and have offered some of my best work, in my opinion. My parents and family, lost loves, and a fascination with the Neverland and the wizard of Oz. Lost boys and witches, the story of my life!
All my work is considered “in progress” I’ve never learned to “leave the painting alone” after a while. Every draft a First Draft. Every revision is a first draft. I treat them all the same.

I have selected three creative souls to continue this virtual tour. Next week, they will guide you through the same questions about how and why they tick! Please visit their sites!

Soul of a poet and writer stuck with the body and mind of a soccer player. That is Rob Halpin. On occasion, something worth reading finds its way out. To see if you agree, you can check out his blogs:

Lorwynd’s Thoughts




(Dr.) Pearl Ketover Prilik is a writer/psychoanalyst living on the South Shore of LI. She has had three non-fiction books published, was editor of a post-doc psychoanalytic newsletter and editor/contributor of two poetry anthologies –She has been delighted to have poetry and micro-fiction published in a number of online and print literary journals and is currently and still successfully avoiding editing two completed novels. Although she is known alternately as pkp, Dr. Pearl, drpkp and a few other alias she claims to have committed no crime outside the purview of the grammatical.

Visit her blog at IMAGINE





  1. Oh Walt – well now you’ve gone and done it – written a brilliant tour of your work – lovely and lyrical – and completely intimated the me that thee selected as one of three to follow ye. Well done! …. and yes… second Pamela… reserve me an copy with a personal note …..:)

  2. Does it get any better than De Miller Jackson and my forever poetic partner in rhyme on tour the same day? I think not. Hugs across the lake, and all the best for mega success on your projects!

  3. Laurie Kolp

    Hi, Walt… I’m so thrilled to learn you are compiling a complete collection of poetry… congrats! I can relate to so much of what you said, too. Thanks for taking part in the virtual blog tour.

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