(Inspired by DMB)

Play me like a gramophone.
For you, my melody plays
upon your ears like droplets of scented
sweat, forsaking decency for ravenous lovemaking,
flesh upon flesh, a tantric dance with trumpets
in a torrent of pleasure.
Wave after wave, a cascade – our love is a river
ever-rolling. Currents and tides
do not quench desire’s fire.
They become the scenery, in all its
fine blue-greenery, a limpid pool
free of debris, veiled in camouflage
of willow fronds. Stones upon the pond
skip like mallards as they light on morning’s mists,
waters reflect and bend, refracting
and contracting. Closing fissure and ford,
the distance between dual hearts beating,
charging and retreating, repetitious,
a delicious rhythm. Blood boils,
caged animals unbridled. Sidled with
verse of symbolic stanzas, magic words;
incantations of faithless impermanence.
Textures mired in ink-like muck, a boggy
bowel, silt filled. Stroking
striped oars rowing homeward.
Like frantic marionette dolls unstrung,
it’s in the cards. Crash into me hard.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




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