Undisciplined & unsure is no cure for dreams
left to fester. Your quest to be happy
hinges on what you will do to achieve
that state. Waiting for the right moment is more work
than you’ll allow. You get mired in the red tape, tired
when you should be wired to take flight.

Taking just what’s handed you with nothing demanded of you is giving up the fight
for spontaneity, relinquishing your dreams
for the same old-same old existence, tired
of testing your resolve to dissolve the norm, happy
to cash in your chips without putting in the work;
more of what is required to achieve.

Don’t let yourself be deceived.
Even the Wright Brothers came crashing down trying to attain flight.
A new perspective and more hard work
puts you light years closer to your dreams.
Falling asleep at the controls won’t make you happy.
Ever tried, ever failed. Never failed? Never tried!

Life offers no guarantees, but it is true that if you do not try
you won’t come close to achieving,
leaving you sullen; less than happy.
Your free-fall will be short lived when you spread your wings and fly.
Realities are nothing more than dreams
that are fed by ambition and a lot of hard work.

Do not allow yourself to be afraid of hard work.
Sure, it will leave you muscle-sore and mentally tired,
but all you desire will have more worth; the dreams
you dream will be rewarded. Your achievements
will be recognized and celebrated, it will lighten
your load. You will explode with happiness.

If you must settle, be it for an unsettled life. Be happy.
Let your options provide every opportunity for your work
to do great things. Your wingspan is just right for the flight
of your life. Get it in gear and keep moving; you’ll never grow tired
You will be amazed by what your desire can achieve.
Wake up to a new reality and live your dreams.

You will not be happy to sleep through your dreams.
Decide to work hard to achieve. It seems
you will never get tired once you’re in flight!

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014


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