Angie, I almost hear you sigh,
and I’m 2,000 light years from home.
I can’t get no satisfaction &
I ain’t too proud to beg.

Going around and around searching,
has anybody seen my baby?
As tears go by,
I’m blinded by love.

Blinded by rainbows.
Can’t your hear me knocking?
You with your dangerous beauty,
and me like dead flowers,

it’s dirty work, but your emotional rescue
is important to me. Your far away eyes
look through me as if to say
“Get off of my cloud!” Cry to me for crying out loud.

Cover me. Give me shelter. Soften
this heart of stone. My words fall on unhearing
ears. Have you seen your mother baby,
standing in the shadows?

I can’t be satisfied by honky tonk women,
It’s just you. I need you baby.
I got the blues,
I go wild.

I wanna be your man,
if you really want to be my friend.
Let’s spend the night together,
I miss you, and I’m heading for

my nineteenth nervous breakdown.
Out of tears.
Out of time.
It has plundered my soul.

So, I stand between a rock and a hard place,
I play with fire knowing I desire you
And yet, you’ve shattered me.
Some girls would leave a street fighting man

to languish, you but start me up. You’re
not a stupid girl, sweet Virginia.
This is the last time I’ll ask,
Have some sympathy for the devil

who loves you dearly. I’m nearly
undercover of the night, right where you want me.
Time waits for no one, but time
is on my side. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

So I’ll say again, don’t have a heart of stone, my friend.
I’d be a fool to cry. Tell me you’re coming back.
I’ll be here waiting on a friend to give me shelter.
But, you can’t always get what you want.

~~Shelter ‘found’ in the song titles of the Rolling Stones.




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