At some point we wonder. “Where did it all begin?”
Such a no-win scenario is life, in that we all end
up the same way. From the day of our birth,
until we draw our last breath at death,
it is clear that our origin
is a mystery, as will be the circumstance of our demise.

And is it any surprise
that what comes between should be savored? We begin
as slabs of clay: misshapen, raw, and undefined. Our origin
is uncertain. In the course of our living we befriend
those who will fill us precisely, quite nicely until death
escorts us away from our days on earth.

Those first moments after birth
give us a chance to figure things out; to surmise
what is expected if we elect to stay the course. Of course, death
awaits all who choose to play. But, each day is a new beginning,
a redirect to send us in the direction that will end
in our achieving all we desire. We become original.

Once we begin to be molded, we are folded like origami
seeing what is possible from our blank page. In the birth
of ideas, our pleas are heard in every word that we send
for those who will hear them. Left unheeded, it will indeed lead to their demise.
As it was in the beginning
it will be until our final breath.

But, there is no ending in death.
It is a release from earthly bonds, but our imprint will mark our origin,
And it is there that we begin
to understand. No demands to be reincarnated; no rebirth
would change the essence of each of us. We would be wise
to work hard until our natural end.

So consider this a commencement, friend.
And live the life you’ve chosen until death
takes your hand to stand before Him. Your demise
will not be in vain. Your legacy is your lasting origin.
Those who know will celebrate your birth
and subsequent days. All we need do is begin.

From beginning to end we strive to stay alive,
so we live from birth to death.
and every spent breath that originates from within will stave off our demise.


(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014




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