Photo Credit: Janet Ride Carnahan -2014
Photo Credit:
Janet Rice Carnahan

High above the cliff they fly
a tribute of sort off for a short stretch.
The three birds are the free spirit
of one so loved, high above the cliff.

The first bird is Honor.
Its flight takes a straight and true course,
the source of all pride and achievement,
no bereavement is complete without Honor bestowed.

The second suspended in avian beauty is Respect,
fully earned, in a circuitous route, for wherever
it goes it is recognized for its ability and strength
it would go to any length to earn what is returned.

But the last bird holds a special mantle. It is Love.
Higher above the others it flies, filling the skies
as like many hearts with the devotion to family
and country. A boundless gift lifting all to such heights.

We all carry the spirit of these three birds,
and we continue to soar through their wings,
a flight to pay tribute to all left behind to find it.
The flight is endless, forever rooted in Honor, Respect and Love.

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014

3 thoughts on “THREE BIRDS

  1. Wow, Walt, what a marvelous tribute to the photo, the birds and my father! You are such an amazing word artist, capturing what the photo begs to express! Thank you for being the wind beneath wing on his birthday! Your heart soars high, my poetic friend! Your words truly make me smile! Thank you, Walt!

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