Words are the currency spent
in the expression of love
in a true poetic heart.

We start with an idea,
a thought that permeates
through to our very souls.

It controls our feelings
leaving us reeling with heat
from that smoldering ember.

We choose to remember it,
to hold it in our hands
and write the way it feels.

Then, as our hearts reel
it steals a bit of us
to share with all present here,

all are willing to spend their words,
investing in the thoughts
other words have inspired.

© Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014

The form is TRIVERSEN and is highlighted at POETIC ASIDES with Robert Lee Brewer. The form is eighteen lines (6 stanzas, three lines each). Each stanza is a complete sentence divided between the three lines; each line a thought in the sentence.


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