This is an actual poem!
This is an actual poem!

If you have scanning capabilities on your cell phone,
you can read this poem!

A curious thought overcame logical thinking and I wondered if poems could be imbedded in a QR scan. Why any one would want to..? But since George Carlin died,
I’ve been elected to think of this shit!



  1. I got rid if my smart phone, and have not added the scanning app onto my Fire. Since it’s an Android device, I can probably lyrics get it. I’ll check and maybe THEN I CAN read this. Not nice, Walt, not nice at all. . . 😆

  2. Translated…


    Using all that is available,
    I am able to write poems
    in a form that is out of the norm.

    I am a poetic man.
    Encoding thoughts that span
    my muse, I use a scan to say what i need.

    (C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014

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