Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman
Walt Wojtanik

Whitman and Wojtanik,
men of a manic mind
finding wisdom in the
wealth of words. One
famous and dead;
one infamous and not quite yet.
I can never get my fill
of his words. He had never
heard of me or mine.
That’s fine. He is Whitman,
I am a man of wit!
Close enough!
I can live with that!

(C) Copyright Walter J Wojtanik – 2014


One thought on “WALTS OF WORDS

  1. I was thinking as I read this excellent poem how much you might enjoy ModPo, this course I took last fall and that is happening again in September…It’s run through Coursera, out of the University of Pennsylvania and is gratis. Anyhow, the first week we start off with Dickinson and the great Walt Whitman…The most commendable thing about this course is that almost everyone who takes it, takes it again…I’m signed up already for next September…if you want more info, let me know…I’ll send you the link. I will be posting it shortly anyhow…

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