Lady Godiva Rides
Lady Godiva Rides

Astride a stallion through the town
with her tresses flowing down,
she’s sans dress or dressing gown,
astride a stallion through the town.

They call her lady (side-saddle she rides)
a calculated paces he strides
and gladly in her hair she hides,
they call her lady, side-saddle she rides.

Men marvel at her ability
to ride in naked nobility,
on her one horsepower mobility,
men marvel at her ability.

This Lady Godiva indeed is hot,
flaunting all the goods she’s got,
and prays the steed forgets to trot,
this Lady Godiva indeed is hot.

To the townsfolk men it is a sin,
considering the state she’s in,
that they can’t drum up a gust of wind!
to the townsfolk men it is a sin.

© Copyright 2014 – Walter J Wojtanik


Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer – “Hair”


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