Crash site of the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson, is marked by Holly’s signature glasses!



That’ll be the day I made my own,
now that I’m fully grown, I  remember
the passing of the “trinity” when I turned three.
On the third of February, as I was finding my stride
I would come to find that the music had died.
Bopper and Holly and Valens took on the challenge
of bringing music to the masses, but they passed
into history. It was no mystery that they shouldn’t
have flown… they should have known better.
Because of a turn in the weather, the three died together.
Early in the morning, the music world was mourning.
That’ll be the day I turned three!

© Copyright 2014 – Walter J Wojtanik

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly


5 thoughts on “CLEARLAKE, IOWA (1959)

  1. Daughter-in-law is from Clearlake Iowa. She received the Buddy Holly music scholarship in 1999. I am glad she did because she met my son at college and the rest is history. So glad to see you back in full swing. Glad I am not in Western New York state at this time though. Stay warm.

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