Freedom from Want
From Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms covers of the Saturday Evening Post ~
Freedom From Want

A print of Rockwell’s work tattered and grease stained
and drained of all color; faded and showing years of use.
Not from abuse, but from a homage to a bygone age.
When all the rage is Christmas in October, you open
the hearth of home one last time, a reminder that
everything your parents ever worked for was instilled
in your own best efforts. To provide a roof, and warmth;
food and clothing and beholding to no one but your own
dignity and fortitude. It would be rude to take a hand
from one more deserving. Grandmother, with her better
half by her side sliding the golden brown bird before
and adoring family. “Freedom From Want” it declares,
and there’s the rub.. Everyone wants to their own degree.
But I see what home used to be and this need to be free lingers.

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 26 – Free____/____ Free


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