Sun’s first appearance precedes her by an hour.
She is a precious flower; she lingers in slumber,
languishing in the blankets; she purrs catlike
much like the feline entwined against her leg.
She begs for five more minutes; more time
to give her dreams closure. She knows comfort
from the warmth of your soul, she knows peace
in the calm of your voice. She knows that you
offer all her heart has longed for. You are her
first morning revelation; her epiphany!
As sleep is lifted she is gifted with
a tender kiss, loves blessed bliss. Her eyes
butterfly and awaken. You have taken her
soul and mated it with your own. Just as you
have known. Love has opened both of your eyes!

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 19 – Love/Anti-Love

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