She is of the earth, grounded
and hearty, a solid foundation
in which to build a life. No upheavals,
a relief to have belief behind you.
She will remind you that the salt of the earth
has great worth to season your lives.
Pure, Majestic, Well-weathered –
tethered to each other standing on
Terra Firma. You yearn to get your
hands dirty; she is of the earth!


She speaks.
Her words waft like
a gentle breeze blowing
the hair from my face.

Soft kisses blow across my forehead.
She is the wind: Persistent, Mercurial, Warm.
She speaks.


The ember glows, left to smolder,
fending the colder temperatures off
and setting off a blaze of uncontrollable
ferocity. The seeds of love become
as volatile. From the first smiled hello
until you are both consumed by its pyre,
love is a fire. It is consuming yet not
destructive, it is instructive and nurturing.
Love will penetrate you and warm your
insides until you are ablaze with her.
You can be sure if you play with fire,
you’re going to get burned.
At least you surely hope so!

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 17 – Elements


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