Cause if you want love, we’ll make it
Swimming a deep sea of blankets
Take all your big plans and break ‘em
This is bound to be a while ~John Mayer – Your Body is a Wonderland


We fill each others gaps,
there is no lapse of passion
on this excursion of discovery.
I love the way your nose crinkles
and your eyes sprinkle me with joy
(making me one lucky boy!)
This exploration of form has me warm
and my senses tingle when fingers
intertwined with mine find their firm hold.
Your toes are cold, a sure sign that I’m
as pleasing to you as you never fail to be
to me. Our banner unfurls and your hair curls
across your forehead. I am Edison, enlightened
by your brilliance. I am Bell, calling across the
vastness of your love. I am Tesla, getting a charge
from the excitement you bring to me when you
sing to me in the throes of this love.
We have come as visionaries, searching
our horizons for our Promised Land.
And we will plant our flag and stand hand-in-hand.
We have discovered Wonderland.
This is bound to be a while!

Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 14 – Exploration


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