The phone rang.
It was early enough that I hadn’t had
time to get squirrelly from work.
The voice on the line perked me up.
Sleepy. Peaceful. Warm. A port in the storm
that life sometimes provides. Cuddly.
Wishing for arms long enough to hold
and brace me from the bitter cold
of the day. But it went away; replaced
by the warmth of a loving heart. A good start.

Tender good-day wishes
and sounded kisses for goodbyes,
my eyes can envision her. Still snuggled at rest,
the best place she could be (except there with me).
And a smile forms, just as warm as her well-worn comforter,
Her respite is much needed; deserved. A rest long over-due.
Head throbbing, robbing thought, throat sore and scratchy,
patchy aches and pains attack, an achy-breaky back
place her smack dab in the middle of another need for relief.
It is their belief that’s its crazy to call her lazy; she’s fatigued.

I have her for lunch.
I had a hunch she’d call.
For all the wondering, I’m still under her spell.
It’s hard to tell if the feeling is renewed, or brand new,
but few sensations bring such elation as the sound of her.
But, I can be sure that she holds my thought kindly, a reminder
that I find her to be every bit as special and beautiful; a dutiful heart
caress of two souls so blessed to share moments of life’s parade.
Discarding the charade, we give each other joy freely, a really nice way
to spend this extremely happy day.

There’s work to do,
me in the foundry and you with laundry,
getting your sundry outfits clean, but we find the time
to unwind with laughs and poke, guffaws and jokes and photos
of clothes dryers and puppy dogs taking a flyer in heavy traffic.
But the pic of the bluest sky catches my eye; a reminder of what I find
when I look south, and my mouth slack jawed at the beauty, a duty of nature
to boost the stature of mere mortals who are blessed by such glimpses.
And as the day winds down, we clown around laughter in major doses
medicine for what ails me. It never fails me when I need a lift. A real gift.

And night falls.
And these four walls close in
bringing us closer in heart and mind.
And again I find that this adventure would not play
if you were not a part of my day. Say what you will, it is a thrill
to be spending quality time in quantity and all the loving wannabes
should gather quotes and take notes on how it is done. Battles lost and
won in the clenches, are tempered in gentle caresses and touches and as much
TLC that we can muster. Believe it buster, I am blessed at the behest of she.
We had a wonderful time in our own little way and it’s as if to say “Oh Happy Day!”


Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 12 – Happiest Moment / Saddest Moment



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