They’ve started already, A steady stream
of sweet visions. My mission is easier
when these dreams begin. We are in
full swing bringing these dreams to fruition.
Rubber balls and baby dolls; games and toys
galore. And the little folk dig in, no joke
to please the girls and boys. Me and the Missus
are filled with bliss for this is what makes us shine.
I fly all night and she’s all right and fine because
I return to her every time. All year I’ve waited
my breath is bated and the work takes on
new meaning. All the planning and scheming
boils down to that one night. What a flight
that will be. Those that could be better than good
are giving a final push. Making my job
a work in flux as lists of names are finalized.
The reminder to be good for goodness sake
Is one that should not be taken lightly,
For this sprightly elf has gotten himself
into groove. It’s time to move to fulfill
the sweetest dreams. It seems we go through this
every year, but that’s why I’m here. I work
to the sound of reindeer pause. That’s my job,
I am Santa Claus!


Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge – Day 10 – Something Sweet


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