qwertyFeel me.
My tactile meandering
across your surfaces provides me
a voice. It is my choice to say
what is splayed out on the page,
Each sweep across your keys
is pleasing, for it releases these thoughts
to roam the galaxy to touch hearts and
moments. You help express
what my heart suggests. With each word,
with each loving passage, I massage
you and your hard plastic softens and melts
and it is felt in the heat that your sweet letters
offer. My coffers are full and until I complete
my idea, you are my willing pawn. I can bring you
from yawn to fiery passion, fashion a deeply rooted
love story in all its glory, a mournful montage;
a collage of wonderfully worded worlds awaits
at the tips of my fingers. Emotions linger
until a new blank page returns. You yearn for my
touch. It expresses so much. Feel me.


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