SOMONKA CHALLENGE – with Rosemary Nissen-Wade

These poems were a collaboration with Poet Rosemary Nissen-Wade for the Poetic Asides Somonka Challenge
I imagine you
walking around in daylight
while I am sleeping.
In separate hemispheres,
we can’t even share the moon.
Yet, the moon inspires. 
Worlds away, playing on tides. 
Awakened in mind 
finding common ground in words 
written together.
That man, I think, 
has a look of you.
But then he turns
and it’s not your face,
which is still elsewhere.
I cannot face you 
I am not near to be seen. 
Between here and there 
we are reminded of us. 
Yet we do not exchange looks.
Do you notice
when I send my spirit
to visit you?
Does a ghostly shiver
stir you – or sudden warmth?
Finger-like tendrils 
leaving shivers to begin 
our spirits take flight 
every night when we visit 
I notice you near.
It’s morning!
I wake to the thought of you
on your pillow
embracing dreams of love
as I farewell mine.
Destinations stay 
well within our thoughts at night 
pillows held tightly 
are the clouds that carry dreams, 
hellos and goodbyes in time.

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