Oh, how I’ve hurt you,
not meaning to desert you.
I’m not unfeeling,
just reeling with what life deals.
But my heart never left you.

I love and I hurt
I flirt between embracing
or setting you free!
No doubt I am worn out, torn
and confused and feeling used.

My mind of regret
leaves me with heart felt sorrow,
for some tomorrow
you will love my memory,
leaving me longing for you.

You have given me
all that my heart has needed
and yet I’m unsure..
I do love you with a pure
heart. I do not want to hurt.

2 thoughts on “HEARTFUL SORROW

  1. Walt, thanks for stopping by Sharp Li’l. This dialogue, unspoken, speaks volumes about the give and take of relationships. It’s a melancholy piece; yet, I believe there’s room for mending. I hope so, anyway… Peace, my friend, Amy

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