This is the place that reminds me
of your face and you, and it’s through
these thoughts that we are brought together.
The weather is all ways pleasant,
a present from He who made us;
gave us these moments to savor.
The scene is serene, pastoral and visual
with residual choral phrasing that plays
in our minds. It is not hard to find me,
I will be by the tree over the bench,
a private seat replete with shade for cover
where lovers can express the rest of the night
away. By the lake we ponder, wondering to
where these rendezvous lead. And you,
a beauty my eyes have beheld well on onto morning,
as the dawning commences and the alarm coaxes
every last grain of sleep from your sight,
I will meet you again tonight in our meadow by the lake.

© Walter J. Wojtanik 2013

WE WRITE POEMS – Meeting Places Prompt # 178


4 thoughts on “MEADOW BY THE LAKE

  1. What a lovely meeting place. And you describe a lover’s tryst in a straightforward yet mesmerising way. Welcome back, Walt. Your presence here is much appreciated. A meeting place indeed.

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