Locked out.
Access denied.
I’ve tried to enter
your heart is boarded up
and down and out am I.
I thought love would be the key,
but between you and me,
I keep you close to mind.
I find you offer all
that my heart desires;
you are my treasure.
Locked in.

Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Written for Poets United – Verse First – Lock

9 thoughts on “(IN)SECURE

  1. Locked out to locked in… wonder why she was so locked up. Speaks a lot to the history of the woman, the need for the lock. Not sure she wants it to be jimmied, but rather, that one have the patience for her to unlock it of her own will.

    Interesting take on locks, Walt. Really got me thinking. Glad to see you at Poets U. Love, Amy

  2. Locked out, but locked in anyway…sad for the narrator. Or maybe not? In days of chivalry love was chaste, unrequited–knights vowed purity and considered themselves blessed if a lady dropped a hankie.
    (At least those rules made it into literature, but the rules were made to cure the lands of murderous lustful men who took before they asked.) Sometimes, too, the fantasy is better than the reality.

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