She stood tall; second to the bride,
her “lieutenant” clad in beauty and
maid of honor blue. It would be true
to think she’d question where she was heading,
getting leery of the relationship she had.
He wasn’t bad just an unsure lad drawn
like a moth to a blazing conflagration,
laced with intimidation and lacking
a confident bent. If it meant a few more years
of uncertainty, she would certainly
be better served in another court.
But, she and her good sport find a kinship,
Joined at the hip and willing to face the world
in her blue dress. Who’d have guessed he had the legs for it!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Khara House’s 30 x 30 Challenge – Day 20 – blue


2 thoughts on “IN HER BLUE DRESS

    1. Thank you, Madam Laureate! It’s my musical background. They’re more rhythmic sounds than rhymes. The just happen to be expressed in words. You ain’t a slouch yourself!

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