In the cask of love, the sentiment can eventually settle to the bottom. But, the longer the fermentation, the sweeter the vintage! ~Walter J. Wojtanik


The fineness of the wine is
in the savor and flavor.
Sweet and clear, a taste
of what life has to offer.
Developed over the years
it appears to get better.
Vintage allowed to find
its true richness. Nurtured
and loved it can achieve
the greatness it is believed
to possess. The rest depends
upon which end of the barrel
you tap. Aim low, and the bitter
sediment taints that which is
meant to quench and satisfy.
Aim high and the sentiment
is reversed. Fine wine is true love!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013


For KHARA HOUSE’S 30 x 30 Challenge – Day 16 – sentiment


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