Wouldn’t you know it?
You spend too much time in one place
and your face becomes so familiar
you become a pillar; stone faced
holding up the rest of the platform.
Your intent was to coddle and nurture
giving future laureates the drive
to arrive at the podium.

But, you change views
choosing to branch from the poet tree
and see a slightly bigger picture.
You had been a fixture in your small pond,
but this move goes way beyond
diving in with both feet. Seated at your
keyboard, you can afford to flash
some fiction putting your diction to rest

penning the best shorts of a sort,
finding their root where the footlights
beckoned. You would have reckoned
you’d find your old seat in the theater
of broken dreams. It seems you haven’t
lost it, but the cost of straying is playing
on your sordid soul. The “play’s the thing”
and you sing with the words you bring.

Here’s where it veers from your reality!
The banality of life lies in the shortness
thereof, and above the horizon, other
dreams fester, pestering you to a new
position where your compositions began.
You ran the gamut of worded wizardry,
and long to just go home, no more to roam.
but you know you will venture long after

your dentures fall out. Wave your wand.
Swing your clout and perform your trick. For now.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Khara House’s 30 x 30 Challenge – Day 15 – trick


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