“Abracadabra!” he said waving
his wand in hand; an illusion
that his wife and assistant
of thirty years was happy.
It was a crappy life they’ve
lived and she had given him
ample opportunity to settle into
their wedded unity. But he fought
with impunity for the chance to place
his name and face alongside
Blackstone and Copperfield and Angel;
Houdini shouldn’t hold his breath hoping
that she’d be coping better than she had.
She was mad… no, she was quite pissed.
and she couldn’t resist the urge.
Every day a new city, traveling in his
shitty car to the next carny or fair.
She just didn’t care. She thought
hard and fast how to make this
illusion her last. “Abracadabra!”
And in a plume of smoke, she was gone.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Khara House’s 30 x 30 Challenge – Day 14 – plume

Also contributed to dVerse Open Link Night Week 101


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