I’ve lived without my words – a mime
keeping each one all to myself
like lost thoughts sitting on the shelf.

In the ways of my prose and rhyme
I have arrived to hit my stride
expressing all these thoughts inside.

For I found that in all that time
my words were squandered and wasted,
their sweetness was never tasted.

It was a felonious crime
punishment: echoing silence,
to a man of words it’s violence.

Since early man stepped out of slime,
he wanted to communicate
but sounds that rhymed still had to wait.

He was fascinated with rhyme,
and now he writes them twice as fast,
evoking emotions at last,

a poet ahead of his time!
A trendsetter in thoughts and words;
writing the sweetest rhymes you’ve heard!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

An example of a CONSTANZA poem, a form created by Connie Marcum Wong

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