They’ve taken over the kitchen
crawling over the counters.
I’d mount an offensive, but instead
I head for my computer to log them.

They’ve marched into the living room,
they could spell my doom, but
I’m in tune with their reason
any time or season is their time.

I would spray, but the effort will not kill them,
The attention would surely thrill them.
It would only instill them in my voice;
my choice of them keeps all others guessing

and I’m expressing them as they fester,
they pester my mind’s psyche.
and it might be crazy, but
I never get lazy when I’m infested with words!

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Inspired by POETIC ASIDES – Day 15 (Infested Poem)


Time passes, quickly;
rapidly flashes in stashes,
dots and dashes of image
and sound going around,
history before your eyes
like a life lived
in interesting times.
We are inundated,
sated and saturated,
feeling informed and
warmed by our accomplishments
and advances. Chances are
history will have gotten repeated
when we’ve forgotten where we’ve been.
One sustained final note,
ever-reaching, always teaching
us that history continues,
never running out of gas.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik – 2013

Inspiration: “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams (Click play for the video)

Written for MIZ QUICKLY’S IMPROMPTU POETRY – Day 15 – Music