master  of  words  and a need to  create,
describes the man to a tee.
Any  stretch  of his imagination
becomes a  march  to  places
that neither  street  car nor  train  can take him.
It makes him  change  his thinking,
bringing all  calls  to  share  his mind
an invitation to become  faint  of heart or  die.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik 2013


Written for THE SUNDAY WHIRL  – Wordle #100


  1. I really like where the wordle words seem to be taking you each week – I see that you as I , find a different voice speaking – in your case tight and concise and packing a crisp powerful punch. Good “stuff.”

  2. Thanks Pearl. We’ve both seemed to grow into our new expressiveness. Then again, we’ve always seemed to parallel each other; harmonizing in a way. Thanks for the kinds words and support.

  3. It sounds so natural with these words… How come my mind went way off to … I don’t know where. Your poem just sounds so fit.
    That’s why I love wordles – they simply take you anywhere. One just needs to follow.

    1. Thanks Amy. I’ve been trying to simplify the work lately and the economy of words plays into that. Our imaginations go where they will no track, road or skylane can get us there. I appreciate you comments and friendship. Peace to you.

  4. Oh, wow! You were right. Our poems are very similar. The longing to create is what gets me every time. Nothing makes it go away. No matter how much I write, or paint, or glue, it resurfaces and insinuates itself in my mind and in my limbs.

  5. I leave writing behind only to have it call me back . I find those of you who persevere more faithfully so inspiring. Thanks for stopping by.. Funny thing is I re-wrote my wordle completely, I just could not leave it alone , nor could I find a place for the two words I left out,( create and share.)

    On another note I was back in Buffalo From March 13- 18th. Lake Erie was throwing snow at me as I drove by on both traveling days. I thought of you when I saw Lake Erie from I-90. xo teri

    1. I know, Teri. I always remind people of a blustery wind-bag! 😉 You re-work your words like an artist works a masterpiece. When it’s done and it feel right, you’ll know it. And it should call you back. You write well and your absence is noticeable. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thank you so much, S.E. Succinct come from fitting as many words into one line. If the expression is there, it’s a good poem. Lately, my rambling poems lose their message. These speak for me. Thanks for your kind words.

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