That’s me in the corner,
waiting for the other shoe
to fall. Faith no more,
shaken, my core beliefs taken;
they are unanswered questions.
Too many trials, no more
do smiles grace me; they deface me.
Shadows linger longer, sweeping
me to my knees. No pleas are heard.
It is assured, I’m losing my religion.

© Copyright Walter J. Wojtanik -2013

5 thoughts on “LOSING MY RELIGION

  1. Walt, in this new year, your title brings to mind one of my favourite REM songs. It was great to hear it again at the fundraiser for Sandy’s victims.
    But back to your poem, not sure of your context, but it seems to be a voice of wandering in the desert in a crisis of faith. 2013 seems to be getting off to a rocky start. Best in the new year!

  2. Marie Elena

    Walt, my friend, your excellently penned poem at our site is haunting and frightening, as are those of late here on your personal poetry site. Please know that you are loved, admired, and prayed for.


  3. Walt, you made my heart sink.
    I’ve felt that same despair.
    Religion never helped me either, in the long run.
    But when it left,
    a Person took its place.
    I still have shadows,
    cast by a careless mean glare.
    But looking deep,
    I see the light He is
    in me.
    and tell and cry and pray.
    My heart’s with you.

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