Here we sit, together,
my six friends and I
no worse for wear
(excluding the headache and retching)
and I’m catching a cold on top of that.
I can never remember:
Feed a cold? – Starve a cold?
I’ll just get the bastard drunk
and let it sleep me off!

© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012


In the company for twenty-six years,
you’d think I’d learn by now,
that I’m the legs of this machine
driving this cash cow.

I’ve broken my back (literally) for these slobs
and little thanks is given,
I tore my shoulder into shreds,
it’s a wonder I’m still living.

Bi-lateral hernia, discomfort and more
and yet the pain still begs,
years later and I’m still quite sore,
should’ve lifted with my legs.

Just an army of one,
and my work load’s increased,
If I weren’t having fun
I’d think I’m deceased.

In the company for twenty-six years,
a fact you take quite humorously.
the gold watch they’ll give when I retire
will probably be posthumously.

© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012


I know them.
I know them by their words.
I know them by their hearts.
And it all starts here that I know.
We have grown as poets; friends
we haven’t yet met. But I get this feeling
that we are dealing with a community steeped
in unity and expression. Our sole mission
is to reach deeply and offer our words to touch
and cajole , taking full control of our wit and poetic wile.
We have a style that we all share, a flair to write
what is right. In the company of strangers.

© Copyright – Walter J. Wojtanik 2012