When he reminisces about their encounter, he tends to wax poetic. The day they met, she was forlorn and sad; one bad relationship after another had tainted her. She tried too hard to be everything she thought they wanted, instead she became a manic dancer to the music of insecurity which always expected a clash of  souls right down to their toes. But she would find that her spastic meandering served no purpose. She realized that their hearts had been hewn from solid granite; cold and hard. But he was a different man. His words were sweet and melted in her mouth like the desire he held in his heart. They paid no heed to the minutes when their bodies were pressed; the sands of time hung suspended. It was that infatuation that would drive them closer, the spark that would ignite the fuse of love. They came to that fork in the road and took it.

Love will be expressed
In the beating their hearts.
An affair so sweet.

Written for my return to the Sunday Whirl – Wordle #85