She sat in silent pose, sensuous and wanton.
The artist struggled with her eyes half hidden,
by her fallen tresses the color of Autumn’s glow,
presenting a striking exterior.  But her eyes,
indeed were wondrous windows to her soul.

They flashed her desirous intent, a lilting semaphore
signaling her rich design. Back lit, her silhouette
became her melody; her true beauty the lyric
so sung, love’s lingering lament; an alliteration
of alarming allure allowing her soul to saunter.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012

Written for THE SUNDAY WHIRL – Wordle #74 – Words taken from my original poem “You Are My Poetry”

You Are My Poetry

You come out to sit beside me
as we view the last faint traces of  sunset in a silent sky.
The rich glow of orange light is defused by the silhouette of trees,
Shining, peering through quietly, catching your eye as you catch mine.
You glide your hand through your soft auburn hair
perching the gentle tresses behind your ear,
and in that exact moment, I feel at home.
Your beauty reveals itself to me as the hidden treasure of the truest heart.
Beneath your loving exterior
you have become where I want to be; my humble abode; my sanctuary safe…
…I have become enraptured by your presence
which is soothing and warm and passionate;
calming and reassuring.
In the distance, wind chimes ring a lilting melody
and you saunter toward me to engage me in a tender slow dance,
and you make my heart sing a beautiful song in which the only lyric is your name.
Moment to moment, I begin to recognize that
the enchanting glow is the reflection of your sensuous brown eyes,
hidden as in an abstract painting.
It is you; what all artists see,
the shadow and texture; the tint and hue.
The palette of penetrating colors spread across the canvas of our love.
It is you; who my poet’s heart sees.
You are fanciful alliteration, the turn of a well worded phrase.
The rhyme and the meter that drives my soul.
You are truly my life’s art…
You are my poetry…

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2009