Strangers on the shores,
more than poetic piasans.
Thrown together by chance,
a serendipitous dance
across the Grand Hall.
The call for poetic writers,
fighters for the cause
for better or for verse.
Destined to become
best friends; partners
in rhyme and only time
will tell just how well we
will gel. But, we’ll continue
to support and nurture;
poetic futures looking bright,
right until we meet.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012


My youngest never liked to camp,
the separation gave her cramps,
and the ground was “always rather damp”,
she told me, “I Don’t Wanna!”

All her friends went off to play,
but my daughter wouldn’t go away
and stayed alone day-after-day,
my Princess “I Don’t Wanna!”

“That place is way out in the woods,
they think Franks and Beans is real food,
and the Counselors are just no good!”
explained Miss “I Don’t Wanna!”

So, her camping skills were rather lame,
and it was such a stinking shame
to go forever by the name,
Andrea “I Don’t Wanna!”

© Walter J. Wojtanik -2012