The Sunday Whirl – Wordle # 68

It cuts to the bone, marrow dripping,
mixing with every drop of blood purged
from a heart so battered; worn. This
link of passion sets sail on our seas of love.

An uncharted course, not knowing
what was in store for young lovers
with dreams to raise anchor and navigate life,
leaving the past in their wake

and their future dreams on distant horizons.
The turbulent churn tosses and the vessel will pitch,
sending hearts to the rail to purge insecurity and fear
and setting feet firmly of the deck of heart’s desires.

From stem to stern, their pulses quicken,
a feeling that will sink, motionless and still
finding a harbor loving and longing;
a port most welcoming and wanting.

All seas crest with gentle waves to soothe
battered and time-worn hearts; homeward bound.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012

For THE SUNDAY WHIRL – Wordle #68

35 thoughts on “SEAS OF A TIME-WORN HEART

  1. There is such a big difference between lust, which is often so fleeting, and love which needs time and work to stay fresh and alive. Your poem captures all of that.
    Lovely wordle.

  2. Awww – lovely crescendo to the last where it is delightful to slip quietly into calm waters and sail on home… what a powerful journey and how you’ve illuminated the comfort of home-coming. Beautiful!

  3. Just spent an evening with my siblings and their spouses on a dinner cruise. I am the only divorcee amongst us, but was deeply aware of how they have weathered all the storms which they have encountered together. Your poem rings true against that background. Beautiful


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