Take a few extra moments, be good to yourself.
Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
There, near the produce introducing
her light aromatic blend. Just don’t breath
in the spray. We stand behind your fresh taste;
we never waste paper (from responsible sources)
and of course, it makes ordinary meals extraordinary.
No Preservatives.
No artificial colors; flavoring.
Savoring it with every last bite.
What are you hungry for tonight?
No doubt about it, we love our midnight snack;
she’s more of a “morning person”.
Shake well. Satisfy your ravenous craving.
Massage pouch until desired consistency,
bring your meat to room temperature.
Put into a 350° pre-heated oven,
it’s easy to get off. Feel it working;
know you’re protected.
Serve hot; refrigerate after opening.

Written for WE WRITE POEMS Prompt #113 Supermarket found poetry

8 thoughts on “PICK-UP IN AISLE X

  1. Irene

    Wow, this is inspiring Walt. “Massage pouch until desired consistency” cracked me up..I guess I’ll be foxtrotting to a supermarket later.

  2. Whew! Who knew there was quite so much to be “found” in those store aisles. Great fun to read, Walt. I’m chuckling and it’s still early in the morning…. can’t ask for much more than that.

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