Her grief overwhelmed her;
sucking the marrow from her bones;
removing the blush from her cheeks.
Perhaps the colors of the flower she held in her gentle hand;
one of the many crocuses
plucked from the window box
would purvey her stillness
in the clatter of everyday life.
Not a wife nor a mother,
her hips are heavy
from the massive burden
she shoulders; the secret she keeps.


Written for THE SUNDAY WHIRL -Wordle #57

43 thoughts on “OPPRESSION

      1. Henrietta Choplin

        Loyal to the end, my friend!!! Oh… and a Paul Harvey ending is exactly what I had in mind!

  1. I want to know more! This is a great write, as it takes us somewhere, and leaves us to imagine the rest of the story. “Her hips are heavy from the massive burden she shoulders…” Exquisite.

  2. I like the idea of grief “sucking the marrow from her bones.” I, too, am intrigued by “her hips are heavy
    from the massive burden she shoulders; the secret she keeps.”

  3. There seems to be a bit of an echo here, a similar wavelength? Granted we ended in different places, but we obviously heard similar whispers. I like the character you have drawn and also leaving that burden on her shoulders and not revealing it. There are so many many reasons for depression, and leaving it nameless of any particular source allows it to be far more relative to the many.


  4. To much CSI on my brain, as well as just watching another Jesse Stone TV movie last night …me’thinks her burden is ‘murder!’

    Nicely wordled…thanks too, for your visit.

    1. tmhHoover

      Arriving late to the comment party. The unnamed oppression seems to be weighing on everyone’s minds. Her deep unmet longing is well captured.. I like that she has gentle hands.

  5. Another wonderful entry from you Walt! I was hoping that other entries would not be quite so depressing as mine was, but so far, we have all taken that tack. . .but I’ve not read nearly all of them yet! I guess the words just take us in that direction. As I am struggling right now with a bout of depression (which is beginning to lift, thank God), I thought twice before writing one for this Wordle, but my love of prompts won out!

    I love reading your work!

    Here’s mine: http://paulatohlinecalhoun1951.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/wordle-57-muse-day-tuesday/

    1. Thanks for stopping, Paula. The words did shade themselves darkly, didn’t they? But all were well represented. And as you’ve said with mine, you’re was equally as wonderful.

  6. Secrets have a way of sucking the life right out of us, I think sharing helps to lighten that burden. A very true to life character you’ve created in this wonderful poem!

  7. Walt, on my second read, I was stuck by “Not a wife nor a mother” – so very different from “was a wife and a mother” – seems to be very much about regret. I love the juxtaposition of hips and shoulders.


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