In the void of existence,
life drifts aimlessly,
drawing every last breath
from a chestful of dreams.
It leaves one seemingly
weightless and restless.
And the guess is that
each of us has it in us
to rescusitate ourselves.
But we are against the clock
and it isn’t a shock that
life ends before we really
begin to live. It’s a given,
and it sucks.

3 thoughts on “IT SUCKS

  1. So very true, Walt. Even more of a reason to do what we want/need to do before we miss our chance. That’s a great sucky poem you’ve got there, way to make one think and/or feel like a slouch!! Haha..

    Feeling like a bump on the log today, I am. Submit poems, I must. Sit here and talk to my friend in the voice of Yoda, I will.

    Smiles to you, Walt. 🙂

    It’s a given,
    and it sucks.
    Til’ I choose,
    and take,
    Missed, but again
    I aim,
    take aim,
    I point, I pull, I shoot.
    I hit, and miss,
    but the point,
    suck or not,

    (Walt…again you prompted me. Love it. Keep aiming at us with your words, we jump and run, and you’re not at all pointless, your syllables are bullets of significance.)

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