OH VERY YOUNG (Faded Blue)

Youth is fleeting;
a rapid retreat
to the rear as years
pass. All class has evaded,
you live a jaded existence.
There is a resistance to do
anything to tip the cart;
the art to which you aspire
has lost its fire in your mind.
You find your words old,
having been written time and again.
Your mood ages with your worn and tired muse,
you refuse you listen to reason,
your words commit treason and
your heart is empty and old.
You’re not really cold,
but your fingers are blue,
and so are you.


Incessant memories pervade
as I wade through this life
searching for an identity
I can claim as my own. Sown
and nurtured are my poetic seeds,
and yet I get no satisfaction from
their lack of flourishing;
not nourishing my heart like
I was used to having.
But all these thoughts must be written
I have been bitten by the bug,
a hearty shrug and a hope
that a smitten poet can regain his passion.
The heart is willing; the wile is weak.


A scene from a movie screen,
cinemascope and technicolor,
surround sound and dolby
in an Imax theater. Larger
than life. The embraces look
bigger. The exchanges look
bigger. The problems look
bigger. Our hero solves the world
in an hour and forty-seven
ticks of the clock. Stock footage,
A kiss for luck and goodbye,
he lets out a regretful sigh,
and she starts to cry. Other
adventures await and it’s great
we had that time to spend.
But in the end, my horse plods off
into the sunset. A figure in
silhouette. Fade to black


In your dream of our contentment
you take pause to smile. A hearty upturn
of a longing lip offering a sip of the nectar that is you.
My craving is an inner wanting that can’t be placated
or sated with a single taste. But, in haste I cling
to my hidden place and watch where your fearful heart goes.
Your direction shows me your step is unsure,
your quavering smile; a shield behind which to hide
your tender desires and wishes; a delicious brew
that steeps passionately inside your hidden heart.
Clutching to your chest the memory of love’s first longing
and feeling the strong urge to splurge with your emotion,
a loving devotion to a soulful connection. Exposing only
to eyes that know and feel, you steel your heart, providing sanctuary.

Written for Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 6 – Hiding



To look at me, an average guy,
awkward at times, my shoulders slump,
and I jump at loud noise. My voice wavers
from whisper thin to STRONG AND BOMBASTIC.
I stick to the script under watchful eyes
but here in my shadow, I improvise.
To pick me out would be finding the needle,
me and my haystack are all I need.
But put words in my head an I find
that my mind is of a poetic kind.
I’ll string you along and then lower the boom
and I’ll rhyme all night long, never done too soon.
So do not judge this book; this cover deceives
and that is what this poet believes!


Written for Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 6 – Hiding


Latent is her beauty, an air of sophistication,
laced with a generous gentility.
From the shadows I watch.
She, unaware of my hunger.
The waft of evening moonlight brings her offering,
I feel compelled. Stepping lightly in rapid descent.
The heat of my breath reaches her ear
as the sound of her name, Emmaline, fills her.
She leans back, trusting that my hands would save her.
Her head sways drawing her dark tresses to fall,
exposing her alabaster neck.
Lips, dipping for ravenous a taste of her flesh,
teeth bared and nestling on her nape.
There is no escape. Her collapse into waiting arms;
arrested by bohemian charms.
I stake claim to her very soul.
knowing her heart and mind will soon follow.


Written for Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 7 – Silent Communication



Mom sits watching her son
playing by himself and within himself
frustrations shared, wanting to know
what he feels; what he is thinking.
His silence is her heartache,
she breaks a little every day
hoping for the words he would say.
He looks fine at a glance but
chances are no one would know
what fails to show. His head
bobs and wanders; eyes darting,
finally focusing on the source of
his care and love. Briefly, a smile
transmits across the room
closing the distance between them,
the distance of his stare.
Her boy, her autistic young man
sharing love in a random smile.
Autism speaks in heart-to-heart terms.


Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 7 – Silent Communication




A father’s job gets tougher everyday.
That’s not to say Mom doesn’t sweat it,
But sometimes she just doesn’t get it.
The call was brief, and he was on his way.

The guy at the desk was rather aloof
as the father stood silently waiting.
He was sadly anticipating;
all he required was some proof

of what the officer declared.
His son, not yet of legal age,
stepped onto center stage;
when he came into view he knew he was scared.

Their eyes met and their pain
was sharply biting and all,
the writing was on the wall,
but message wouldn’t mesh in his br4ain.

The dad was disappointed,
his son deemed well trusted
had been unceremoniously busted
for driving with his head disjointed.

Signatures and bail,
remanded to custody;
a son once trustworthy
was rescued from jail.

Their eyes now avoiding the other,
and during the silent ride,
Dad was sure what he felt inside,
but not sure what to say to his mother.


Written to Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 7 – Silent Communication


Fading lights diminish in size and intensity,
and when you have a propensity to love
with all your heart and all your soul
it is the hardest thing you have to watch.

The dinner and conversation seemed promising,
but she was hell bent on not relenting,
Love’s elevator never lets you down easily.
It’s an express to the basement of emotions.

Any preconceived notion you had
About an ever-lasting something or other
drove off into the night as you fight the
pain of another volley of “let’s be friends”.

And so she left you standing, confused
and feeling used; but knowing that
in the end you’ll be better off throwing the minnows
back in deference to the next big catch.

Her tail lights in the distance
signaled a left turn out of love.
That made it easier to walk away
and live to love another day.


Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Day 8 – Rejection