The Sunday Whirl - Wordle #42



The rebellion continues.

The warrior stands petulant, defiant;

reliant to emerge from his self-imposed exile.

Rising from the ruins;

billows of smoke amidst the staccato drone of distant sirens.

He has the dubious distinction of surviving the conflagration

with nothing more than a minor scar from a metallic dart.

It all starts with the turn of a latch and an igniting of fuses.

All hell breaks loose in blooms of fire; the resound of incendiary explosions.


8 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY WHIRL – WORDLE #42

  1. Thanks Sharon, Laurie. I am finding these less challenging than fun. My mind finds three or four words that sets the scene, and the rest fall into place.

    Thanks to Sharon for the BD wishes. It was a very good day, indeed.

  2. Well done, Walt. I’ve just read a bunch of wordles and even though the words are familiar, you’ve made them feel at home as they were woven so effortlessly throughout.


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