Kissing the Ceiling by Fred Muram

Waking up in a purple haze,
it’s one of those days where you fight the urge
to stay in bed and splurge on your comfort.
The warmth of blanket and bodies pressed
together again as best friends; lovers
of life and each other. It’s in your eyes.
No surprise begins with a flourish of trumpets
or raucous guitar riffs. Just butterfly eyes
and a silly grin. I’m in for one of those days
when being alive gladdens your heart.
It’s always a fresh start waking up
in joy and elation; a celebration.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky!


Written for WE WRITE POEMS Prompt #91 Kissing the Ceiling

7 thoughts on “LAVENDER FOG

  1. Ahhhh…the ole lefty, Jimi Hendrix. When I get home I’ll have to try a little Jimi on tonight. You began and ended with him, ingenious. Good piece of work. I too found a memory here.

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