The magical sphere of glass,
in my grip depicting a scene I live daily.
Familiarity in my hands as I stand amidst
the little ones; wide-eyed and full of wonder.
I hold the ball aloft as they cheer wildly,
and I am mildly amused. Both hands
gently shake the globe; a mild spasm
causing pulsations, sending the elements
swirling, twirling and tumbling. Rumbling
and the snowflakes are released in the liquid void;
spacious and rare. It is there where we achieve
this weightless state, my reindeer and sleigh,
assume this Holiday enigma, more rapid than eagles
we fly across the frozen sky. And you’ll surely know
why…I am Santa Claus.

10 thoughts on “IN THE GLOBE

  1. Henreitta Katie Choplin

    Oh, these beautiful words came at the most perfect time…..I was just sitting here feeling sad, and your words gave my heart and spirit such a lift and lightness; I know now that nothing else is more important to me in my life than words…….and, I Love Snow Globes…..

  2. Henreitta Katie Choplin

    RE: 12/14/11: Walt, we (Santa too) are all a little slightly flawed, and “pobody’s nerfect”, which is what makes us absolutely, positively, wonderfully, Imperfectly PERFECT……….your Santa poems are lovingly magical!!!

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