December offers her comfort,
an amorous embrace, subtle,
yet laden with an inkling of urgency.
The vanilla sky opened to the precipice
of an unending love; a reverent genuflect
to hearts so entrusted, calloused and crusted
through the years . But our mission remained
unconditional and unbridled; stoking desire’s fire.
Forged on the burning bark of the Tree of Life
to rest on the trivet of passion’s longing.

16 thoughts on “MISSION STATEMENT

  1. Henreitta Katie Choplin

    12/5/11, am: Loved your latest on PA pg, Walt; they were like little stocking stuffers; “Christmas lights twinkle…” inspires me to put up my little Christmas tree—with a smile—!

  2. Mike Patrick

    When one writes a first wordle, it should be created thus. It should flow. It should make sense. It should create images and touch the heart. All this you did with the most difficult words I have seen so far. I cannot wait to see what you do with future wordles.

  3. Henreitta Katie Choplin

    12/7/11: “While You Were Gone”: ………I feel your pain………..just take it nice and slow…..and Breathe………there is no rush………….slow and steady, so you may be sure…………..

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