November is in the rear view, and I wave it a fond goodbye. It started with much ambition: the Poetic Asides November Poem-a-day Chapbook challenge ( was at the fore, I thought the NaNoWriMo ( would be the answer for that novel I’ve been thrashing about since puberty, keeping the micro poetry ( page on facebook vibrant, finding my flash fiction fully ensconced in the “Flashy Fiction” ( page and attempting to put this blog to better use. I realized early that the choice I made for my novel was a treatment based on one of my stage plays called “Taking Up Space”. The story is solid, but I couldn’t release myself from the preconceived ideas already solidified in the performance of said piece. I found that I was locked into perpetual poet mode.

Having been hammering the poetry out since the April Poetic Asides challenge, I couldn’t think in terms other than the poetic nature of my writing. Now, with the writing complete for the challenge, I am entering into the revision phase of my chapbook selections. Based upon the song catalog of the Beatles, and driven by the inspirations apparent, I feel confident in this direction. This set is entitled: “The Beatles: Their Music as Muse”.

Unknown to all, I kept a separate theme running as well. Being the consummate geek in High School, my second set of works (all previously unseen) is based upon my affinity for space movies in general, and Star Wars in particular. I call this leg of the challenge: “The Vader Chronicles: The Muse Behind the Black Mask”.

Feeling relief from the cessation of the daily grind, I’ll move towards trying to free my thoughts in the pursuit of new possibilities. No one said it would be easy!

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