‘A Warm Summer Night’ which seemed to last
‘All Summer Long’, gave us a chance for that much
‘Celebrated Summer’ for which we had hoped:

A ‘Cruel Summer’ which languished between
‘Dusk and Summer’ mornings, dew covered and misty.
The ‘Electric Music and the Summer People’ complimented each

day of that ‘Endless Summer’ which faded into
‘Endless Summer Nights’. My heart cried out,
‘Farewell My Summer Love’, as we prepared to part,

with each heart singing the ‘Feel Good Hit of The Summer’.
It ‘Feels Like Summer’ I commented,
With the ‘Girls In Their Summer Clothes’ and me

spending ‘Happy Summer Days’;
in this ‘Happy Summertime’.
‘Here Comes Summer’.

We were ready for some ‘Hot Fun In The Summertime’
with a ‘Hot Summer Day’ building up to climactic
‘Hot Summer Nights’.

This ‘Idiot Summer’ asked no questions because
‘In The Summertime’ there are few answers.
We basked in its brilliance until ‘Indian Summer’

knowing well that ‘It’s Summertime’,
with the endless possibilities of ‘Lonely Summer Nights’
transcending into one ‘Long Hot Summer Night’

thanks to a bevy of beauties luxuriating on these ‘Long Summer Days’
‘Looking For the Summer’;
that ‘One Last Summer’,

to fulfill our ‘One Summer Dream’
in the promises we made on that ‘One Summer Night’
as we shared that last ‘Picnic In The Summertime’.

For even the ‘Rain In The Summertime’
made me glad I had my ‘Someone, Somewhere in Summertime’
beneath the ‘Starless Summer Sky’.

The realization came ‘Suddenly Last Summer’;
the gift of you that ‘Summer’ presented to me
and the transformation of it into a ‘Summer of Love’.

‘Summer (The First Time)’ was magnified by the intensity
of our inexperience, my ‘Summer Babe’ and I
making love in the temperate ‘Summer Breeze’.

‘Summer Breezin’ we called it, but in reality we were
‘Summer Cannibals’, as we ate up all that it would serve to us.
These ‘Summer Day Reflections’ fill me with thoughts of that night.

During those ‘Summer Days’
we had our ‘Summer Fling’,
‘Summer Girls’ and I, the shy suitor,

off to spend a ‘Summer Holiday’,
(which had to be better than that ‘Summer in Siam’).
My ‘Summer In The City’ took this lump of clay

and made me man enough for my ‘Summer Lady’.
I was losing it in the ‘Summer Madness’ but hoping
to find myself as ‘Summer Moved On’.

Of my most revered ‘Summer Nights’,
the ‘Summer of ’69’ topped the list,
for it was the ‘Summer of Love’.

And crediting the thunderous outbreak of ‘Summer Rain’,
our ‘Summer Romance’ blossomed in the guise
of the ‘Summer Side of Life’.

For even if there were such a thing as ‘Summer Snow’,
your influence on me was a security blanket, ‘Summer Soft’
and as warm as the ‘Summer Sun’.

I relished the days in the ‘Summer Sunshine’ of my youth.
Feeling the ‘Summer Wind’ blow my more abundant (then) hair
and helping to age me well, as if my life were ‘Summer Wine’.

Sometimes, an overcast ‘Summerday’ and
the declining warmth of the ‘Summerday Sands’
would be a harbinger bearing the message that ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’.

So I sing a song for ‘Summertime’.
Be it ‘Summertime’ ballads, or ‘Summertime’ Rockers,
always steering clear of the ‘Summertime Blues’.

The memories of ‘Summertime USA’ caused my excitement,
making me, with raised fists in the air, chant ‘Summertime, Summertime’.
‘Summertime’s Calling Me’ and I am at its beckon call.

The ‘Sunshine and Summertime’ sets the mood for
‘Sweet Summer Lovin’, fond recollections of
‘That Summer’ in which we lost each other, to each other.

Forget ‘The Boys of Summer’; they were cheap imitations.
Just hitch your heart to ‘The First Day of Summer’ when we met,
And smell ‘The Green Leaves of Summer’, ever-present and alive.

Soon we will be brought to the brink of ‘The Last Days of Summer’,
and when we’re on ‘The Other Side of Summer’, we’ll hold dear
everything ‘The Summer’ had given us.

We’ll relive ‘The Things We Did Last Summer’ and know
we had ‘A Summer Place’ all our own.
Even though ‘This Ain’t The Summer of Love’, we came close to it.

‘Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer’ seasoned my youth.
I always asked myself, ‘What’s Gonna Happen When Summer’s Gone?’
But, I would just shrug, and sing ‘A Summer Song’.


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